Vascular Lesions:
 · Dilated Facial Blood Vessels
 · Facial Spider Veins
 · Rosacea
 · Port Wine Stains
 · Hemangioma Birthmarks
 · Poikiloderma - patchy red-brown    discoloration of the skin
 · Scars - red, raised scars

Pigmented Lesions:
 · Sun-induced Freckles
   (Solar Lentigines)
 · Café-au-Lait Marks
 · Blue-Grey Birthmarks
   on the Face (Nevus of Ota)
 · Tattoos, Amateur or Professional
 · Moles

Hair Removal:
 · Permanent Hair Reduction

 · Fine Lines and
   Wrinkle Treatment
 · Brown Sun-Induced
   Freckles and Age Spots
 · Dilated Facial Blood Vessels
 · Facial Spider Veins
 · Rosacea
 · Enlarged Pores
 · Dull Complexions

Removal of Pigmented Lesions -
Nd:YAG Laser & Ruby Laser

  • Brown Sun-Induced Freckles
  • Tattoos
  • Café-au-Lait Marks
  • Flat Brown Spots on Hands and Face
  • Blue-Grey Birthmarks on Face (Nevus of Ota)

The Nd:YAG Laser and the Ruby Laser are used to lighten and remove a variety of dark skin spots. The lasers produce a very quick burst of bright light that destroys the pigment within the cells, with very little damage to the surrounding skin. For small brown spots, one or two treatments may be needed.

The Nd:YAG and Ruby Lasers can remove tattoos with very little or no scarring. There is usually more crusting after tattoo treatment that after treatment of brown spots. Professional and amateur tattoos, as well as tattoos resulting from accidents (traumatic tattoos) have been treated with gratifying results. Treatments take approximately 15 minutes. Usually 4 to 8 treatments, done every 6 to 8 weeks, may be required depending on the colors and complexity of the tattoo.

Treatments cause mild discomfort like "a rubber-band being snapped on the skin" or the "sting of a mosquito". Topical anesthetic creams or injection of anesthetic may be performed prior to the laser treatment to help minimize discomfort.

Following treatment, there may be pinpoint bleeding at the treated site. Within a few days, the treated area may scab. The scab usually clears within 1 to 2 weeks. The treated area is slightly sensitive following treatment, feeling like a mild sunburn. This mild discomfort typically resolves in 1 to 2 days.

Polysporin or Vaseline ointment should be applied to the area twice daily until healing is complete. The treated area should be cleansed with a mild soap and gently pat dry, so as not to rub or remove any scabs.

Dr. Pon offers Nd:YAG or
Ruby Laser treatments at:

Women's College Hospital
    76 Grenville St., 5th Floor
    Toronto, ON, Canada M1S 1B2
        Tel: (416) 323-6217
        Fax: (416) 323-6504

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
   2075 Bayview Ave, M-Wing, 1st Floor
   Toronto, ON, Canada M4N 3M5
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       Fax: (416) 480-6897