Vascular Lesions:
 · Dilated Facial Blood Vessels
 · Facial Spider Veins
 · Rosacea
 · Port Wine Stains
 · Hemangioma Birthmarks
 · Poikiloderma - patchy red-brown    discoloration of the skin
 · Scars - red, raised scars

Pigmented Lesions:
 · Sun-induced Freckles
   (Solar Lentigines)
 · Café-au-Lait Marks
 · Blue-Grey Birthmarks
   on the Face (Nevus of Ota)
 · Tattoos, Amateur or Professional
 · Moles

Hair Removal:
 · Permanent Hair Reduction

 · Fine Lines and
   Wrinkle Treatment
 · Brown Sun-Induced
   Freckles and Age Spots
 · Dilated Facial Blood Vessels
 · Facial Spider Veins
 · Rosacea
 · Enlarged Pores
 · Dull Complexions

Removal of Vascular Lesions - Plused Dye Laser

  • Rosacea (Facial redness or flushing)
  • Angiomas
  • Dilated Facial Veins
  • Poikiloderma (Patchy red-brown discoloration of the skin)
  • Scars (Red, raised, puffy scars)
  • Red Stretch Marks

The Pulsed Dye Laser (Vbeam or Cynergy) produces a very bright beam of light that is absorbed by the blood vessels. This causes the vessels to heat up and collapse, destroying the vessels without damaging the surrounding skin structures. One or more treatment sessions may be needed to completely clear the condition depending on several factors. These factors include location of the lesion on the body, color, severity of the condition, and depth to which the lesion extends below the skin surface.

During treatment, patients experience mild discomfort, described as "being snapped by a rubber band". Just prior to each laser pulse, coolant is lightly sprayed onto the skin surface, cooling the upper layers of the skin in order to protect the skin surface and also provide patients with increased comfort.

After the laser treatment, patients may experience bruising and swelling of the skin at the treated site. This bruising is temporary and will resolve within 1 to 2 weeks. Swelling typically resolves within a few days. If bruising is unacceptable, a less aggressive treatment may be performed which leaves the skin mildly red following treatment. This redness usually resolves within 2 to 3 days.

After treatment, the area should be treated with Vaseline ointment (white petrolatum) twice daily until the bruising or redness disappears. Wash with a mild soap twice daily, gently patting the surface dry. Water-based make-up may be applied as a cover-up if the is no crusting present.

Dr. Pon offers Pulsed Dye Laser treatments at:

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Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
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