Vascular Lesions:
 · Dilated Facial Blood Vessels
 · Facial Spider Veins
 · Rosacea
 · Port Wine Stains
 · Hemangioma Birthmarks
 · Poikiloderma - patchy red-brown    discoloration of the skin
 · Scars - red, raised scars

Pigmented Lesions:
 · Sun-induced Freckles
   (Solar Lentigines)
 · Café-au-Lait Marks
 · Blue-Grey Birthmarks
   on the Face (Nevus of Ota)
 · Tattoos, Amateur or Professional
 · Moles

Hair Removal:
 · Permanent Hair Reduction

 · Fine Lines and
   Wrinkle Treatment
 · Brown Sun-Induced
   Freckles and Age Spots
 · Dilated Facial Blood Vessels
 · Facial Spider Veins
 · Rosacea
 · Enlarged Pores
 · Dull Complexions

Removal of Vascular Lesions - Gemini and Cynergy Laser

  • Dilated Facial Blood Vessels
  • Facial Spider Vessels
  • Rosacea
  • Cherry Angiomas

The Gemini and Cynergy are vascular lasers that offers safe, accurate, and very gentle treatment of dilated blood vessels and other vascular lesions. During laser treatment, a small hand piece is placed on the skin surface and the laser is activated. The laser then delivers a precise beam of light that exclusively targets the blood vessel and gently heat seals the vessel closed. The result is destruction of the tiny vessel, without damage to any surrounding skin tissues.

The laser treatment is very well tolerated and virtually painless. The treatment feels like a hot pin-prick or slight stinging sensation which lasts for a fraction of a second. The entire treatment session is approximately 15 minutes. After the treatment, the area treated may be slightly red and some puffiness or swelling may occur. An ice pack applied to the area may result in quicker clearing of the redness and swelling. Rarely a brown crust may form over the treated vessel. This crust falls off by itself in 1 to 2 weeks.

Following treatment, the skin should be washed twice daily with a mild soap. Vaseline ointment (white petrolatum) should be applied to the treated area 2 to 3 times daily for approximately one week.

Fine, pink to red colored vessels that are 1 to 2 millimeters wide respond best to laser treatments. Following the initial laser treatment, a small percentage of the treated vessels may recur within a few weeks. A second treatment session in 4 weeks time may be necessary to achieve optimal results.

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